Put an Expert on Your Development Team

Christakis Engineering & Construction can provide a broad range of construction services for your project.  Our level of involvement can range from advising you as your Construction Manager, to acting as your General Contractor, to taking full responsibility for all elements of the project as your Design-Builder.

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Pre-Construction Services

Construction Services

Feasibility Studies – We can analyze your potential cashflow and the impact of various design decisions on the overall project cost.

Quantity Takeoffs / Estimating – We provide detailed or “big picture” quantity takeoffs and estimates, using final or preliminary designs.

Critical Path Method (“CPM”) Scheduling – Not only “how long will it take”, but also “what happens if the doors and windows are  delayed by 2 weeks?”

Long-Lead Item Identification – Some items, especially custom materials, take longer to manufacture and/or deliver.  We identify them and order them  before they can cause a delay.

Contractor and Materials Procurement – Let us bid out the work to our network of trade contractors.  We’ll collect the bids, analyze them, and select the ” best sub for your job”.

Permitting – We’ll deal with municipal officials, completing their forms, and delivering all the  sets of full size drawings.  We know what they want and streamline the process to get approved permits as soon as possible.

Quality Control Programming – Let us develop a plan for assuring that your finished product is exactly what you you paid for.

Safety Programming – Site-Specific Safety Plans are our thing.  We don’t just post work rules, we develop emergency response plans and identify all the potential hazards for each job and plan how to protect people and facilities and prevent accidents.

Construction Phase Services

Site Supervision – Let us be your eyes and ears on site.

Temporary Utilities – We can coordinate with your utility company to provide temporary service in order to get work done.

Site Protection & Security – Keep your project safe from damage, vandalism, or theft during construction.

Quality Control Management – We inspect the work during and after completion and demand that any deficiencies are corrected as designed and specified.

Safety Management & Oversight – Our entire field staff has OSHA 10/30 Hour Training.  We  monitor the work site and assure that all safety issues are pro-actively rectified.

Inspection Coordination – We schedule (or reschedule) all township or special inspections.  We  make sure that all work complies with inspection requirements

Contract Administration Services

Application for Payment Review and Recommendations – Is the framing contractor 65% done?  If not, we hold payment or pay him the actual % of completion.

Insurance and Bonding Requirements Validation – Whether it is bid, performance, payment bonds or insurances, we  pre-qualify  all contractors to make sure that you and us  are appropriately  covered and protected.

Change Order Evaluation and Recommendations – Just like you, we do not like change orders. We only approve change orders for Owners requested scope changes, and/or unknown and unanticipated conditions.

Project Delivery Methods

General Contracting  – If you already have final drawings and specifications, we can give you a fixed price to build your project.

Construction Management as Owner’s Agent – If you are a sophisticated client with construction experience, let  us act as your Consultant for your design  and direct contractors engaged directly by you, as you Agent.

Construction Management at Risk – Get the best of both worlds.  Christakis Engineering & Construction can advise your design team on constructibility and permitting issues and then transition to the role of General Contractor (CM at Risk), for your project.  Seamless integration.

Design-Build – For clients that want to focus on their primary Business and not to micromanage the design and construction of their facility, Christakis Engineering & Construction can handle the entire design and construction process.  A single point of responsibility gives our clients the maximum time  to run their core business.